Open assembly for co-organizing the First Insurrection Festival

SUNDAY 23/04, 19:00

Polytechnio Gini

Insurrection is the time when a collective body is uprising. Not a collective body with a common identity or ideology but driven by common actions against authority.

Insurrection is the violent entrance of the invisible into the central political scene.

Insurrection is fed from poverty to despair, from rage to need of empowerment and dignity from the social base.

At the end, insurrection is the practical doubt of domination’s structures and any regime. The negation of their omnipotence. If for some of us insurrection must lead to social revolution, or in another way must be a constant situation, the participation this moment should be our common ground.

We are calling this open assembly on  to co-organize the First Insurrection Festival. It will be structured around four mains axes :

  • Political theory
  • Movement-collective statements
  • Practices-training
  • Cultural manifestations