Rigaer, Berlin: “We are trying to make one part of the city impossible to control”

We salute our comrades from Rigaer Str. in Berlin, and show them our solidarity. We have a common enemy to beat: the German state.

Come to Athens! Let’s share experiences, connect our struggles and learn from each other.

They published the following statement on contrainfo.espiv.net.

They call it „Dangerzone“ – but it is just an ungovernable neigbourhood

Maybe the Police occupation in Exarchia is more violent, but in Friedrichshain they are more close – the occupation force is waiting in front of your door.

Another way of preventive counterinsurgency in Berlin is, next to repression, the integration. By using various politicians and “good” cops, the administrations are always coming up with round tables. The idea is to bring inhabitants from the Friedrichshainer Nordkiez together with representatives from the administration offices.

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Digital Anonimity & Security

As activists we must know the dangers of the cyberspace, and learn how to protect our privacy. Avoiding the use of telecommunication tools is not an option. But either we own the technology we use or the technology owns us.

Here are some basic concepts and tips from yesterday’s workshop. We publish this info and ask you to help spread it because information wants to be free  😉

Meet the Italian comrades

An attack to Florence’s carabinieri station, a bomb outside the fascist library that ends up with the repression wave followed by squat evictions and two comrades captured.

We will have a conversation with one of the prosecuted comrades about this and other cases of repression in Italy.

Zone a Defendre (Bure)

Practices and storytelling from rural conflicts in the struggle against the project of nuclear waste burial.

Video from la ZAD

BRAVA – Gaïa Akbar (Clip Officiel) Premier extrait de l’E.P “Gaïa Akbar” disponible ici : https://brava-officiel.bandcamp.com/

Clip réalisé par Celidja Pornon

Drone : Matthias Rollin

Avec la participation de Keivin

Prod : Dub Incubator Enregistrement et mixage : Dimitri



16:00 Security on cellphone and internet / Digital sabotage

Bring your laptop or smartphone, and a usb stick (4 Gb enough)

19:00 ZAD Bure (France)

Story telling of rural conflicts in the struggle against the project of nuclear waste burial

22:00 Theater team Tsiritsantsoules


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On the way

Αfter months of processes, the Insurrection festival is on the final
steps of its materialization.

The calling is still open for anyone who wants to participate to the
festival’s content.

Movement statements, Political theory, History, Culture, Spreading of
practical knowledge, Actions, Preparing consciousness and ground.

Exact place, date, time and content will be announced during the next

Open assembly for co-organizing the First Insurrection Festival

SUNDAY 23/04, 19:00

Polytechnio Gini

Insurrection is the time when a collective body is uprising. Not a collective body with a common identity or ideology but driven by common actions against authority.

Insurrection is the violent entrance of the invisible into the central political scene.

Insurrection is fed from poverty to despair, from rage to need of empowerment and dignity from the social base.

At the end, insurrection is the practical doubt of domination’s structures and any regime. The negation of their omnipotence. If for some of us insurrection must lead to social revolution, or in another way must be a constant situation, the participation this moment should be our common ground.

We are calling this open assembly on  to co-organize the First Insurrection Festival. It will be structured around four mains axes :

  • Political theory
  • Movement-collective statements
  • Practices-training
  • Cultural manifestations